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Partnership Marketing

Two brands are often better together than apart. At MAG we excel in pairing like-minded brands that have similar marketing objectives to deliver unparalleled live event experiences rich with consumer touchpoints.

Advantages of Partnership Marketing


Partnering with one or more brands can be a great way to minimize costs for an event you are producing. In-kind partners greatly enhance the experience for your guests – at no cost to you as the event host.  Whether it be gratis food & beverage, onsite products & services being sampled or gift bags – you can eliminate these line items all together, letting other companies foot the bill for these important event elements.

Conversely, if your brand doesn’t have the money to fund its own, large experience, we can identify a way for it to be a part of someone else’s buzzworthy event.  This can be done via official sponsorship or partnering with brands who plan to have their own presence onsite.  By creating an experience within an experience, you reach the same audience as the larger event but often at a fraction of the cost.


Partnerships create richer, more meaningful events by offering consumers more to see, hear & do.  Whether it be partnering with an artist to create live art during an event or working with local fitness studios to provide free classes, we utilize partnerships to add to the experience and improve upon the consumer’s overall reception to the brand.


Plain and simple, the more brands you involve in an event, the more audiences you’re reaching.  This could not be more true than in the era of social media. Partnerships are a highly effective means for amplifying the reach of your program. Experiential campaigns with partner integration are yielding impressions far higher than what can be achieved individually.

Most partners have multiple platforms that they can leverage, including traditional, online & social media, to promote the event – before, during and after it occurs.  In addition, PR resources can be pooled, increasing earned media opportunities as well.


As it turns out, sometimes an event partnership is the perfect way for two brands to “date” before getting serious. Many of the partnerships that we facilitate lead to long term relationships. We feel this is because these initial engagements are informal, and based on the success had, tend to organically evolve from there.


Partnering with certain entertainment brands or spokespeople can provide a cost effective means of securing talent & entertainment for your event, without footing the traditional bill.

For The Greater Good

Partnerships aren’t always between two brands, often times we forge an alliance between  a brand and a pro-social cause or non-profit organization.  Consumers are more apt to take action when they feel their efforts are contributing to the greater good.  Likewise, media & influencers are more likely to get behind your brand, message or event when it benefits a charity or cause.

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