MAG Services:
Event Production

MAG produces hundreds of events annually.
Our event production experience includes:

Upfronts & Newfronts

We work with television and digital networks to showcase their programming offerings to leading ad executives across the country. Whether by way of an elaborate, high-production value spectacle or through an experiential road show, we define what’s important to your target audience and determine how to stand out among the hundreds of others clamoring for their attention during Upfront season.

Launches & Premieres

Whether unveiling a new product or debuting a new piece of content, we’ll design an event worthy of the big reveal. We have experience producing Red Carpet premieres, product launches, Times Square stunts and more.


Just the word sounds tedious, doesn’t it? Training events are traditionally long, drawn out sessions held under unforgiving fluorescent lights in uninspired hotel ballrooms. We change that perception, by creating an experiential learning environment and edutainment-oriented curriculum.

Conferences & Seminars

We work with many organizations to bring thought leaders together to discuss hot industry topics. Often serving a trade audience, we amplify the value of these events by collaborating on how to maximize distribution of the content generated – everything from white papers to social media to PR.

Internal Events

Brands turn to us to create memorable moments for their employees. Nothing builds esteem or confidence in your organization better than a well-executed event. From a casual company picnic featuring a beer pong competition to a private thank you reception for a top-tiered executive retiree to a live show for 1,000 employees, complete with Cyndi Lauper & the cast of Mad Men – we help make business as usual just the opposite.

Press Events

We’re not publicists ourselves but we think like them. We understand what will invite media attention and design our press events accordingly. From the technical details (satellite trucks, mult boxes and more) to the catering aspects (only the best for press), we take care of all event aspects so the PR team can devote all of their time and attention to media. Often times PR events require City & Film Office permitting, we’re well versed in obtaining all necessary permissions in top DMAS worldwide.

The types of event we produce are as diverse as the services we offer to support them.

MAG handles all aspects of event production, including:

Competitive Landscape Research

Best In Class Executions Research

Venue Research & Securement

Food & Beverage Management

Stage Management / Showcalling



Décor & Florals

Scenic Builds & Fabrication


Travel & Logistics

VIP Experiences

Onsite Talent Management

Talent Discovery, Negotiation & Contracting


Videography & Post-Production

Promotional Strategy & PR

Data Capture

Digital: Web, Social, Mobile

New Technology: The Oculus Rift, Augmented Reality, etc.

And while we often handle soup-to-nuts production, we’re happy to play a supporting role as well. If you find yourself in the midst of planning and feel you would benefit from our involvement, give us a call – we’ll gladly jump in.