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Location Scout: Los Angeles

The 411 on our favorite places to activate in the 310 & 818. While we are toughing out winter over here in NYC, our hearts & minds are in the warmth of the (310). Los Angeles. Sighhhhh. As an experiential marketing mecca for many lifestyle & entertainment brands, LA is our home away from home. […]

Marketing To With Millennials: Why Experiential Marketing is Extremely Effective With This Audience

The M word. In today’s marketing landscape, everyone is trying to crack the code to reach the coveted millennial audience, a group that comprises ¼ of our entire US population. Millennials continue to mystify brand marketers and agencies alike as they defy conventional consumer behaviors of preceding generations. Their media consumption habits (aka cord cutting!) […]

E2B: The Increasing Prevalence of Experiential Tactics in B2B Marketing

In looking at the evolution of experiential marketing, technology & entertainment brands were pioneers in the space. They represented the early adopters.  CPG also hopped on the bandwagon very early, recognizing there is no parallel for the ability to put your product directly in someone else’s hands.  Today, all brand categories recognize the opportunity to […]