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Getting Schooled … in Experiential

As kids return to school this month it got me thinking. How do professionals (no matter the industry) educate themselves and stay ahead of the latest learnings and trends within their respective careers? So, whether you’re a prospective graduate or a seasoned executive, I’ve outlined my top six resources for “getting schooled.”

Internal Events: A Look Inside

While we are an experiential agency at heart, we’re increasingly tasked by our clients to help produce their internal events as well. Here are some tried and true practices we believe help make employees and attendees walk away feeling even more proud of what they do and where they do it.

MAG on the Move

MAG President and CEO Jonathan Margolis discusses the benefits of the company’s move uptown to 52nd Street. Sure, moving isn’t easy but as he puts it, moving means growth and MAG is on the MOVE!

A Friendsgiving Dinner Story

So every year around this time I get a friendly email from my digital designer reminding me that my Thanksgiving blog article is due in a week.

Her gentle nudge also pushes me to perhaps reflect deeper than I normally would on a Monday morning.

But I love it, I really do.

I love thinking about all the good in this world, and, more importantly, the good that’s around me.

15 Years of MAG and 15 Things to Be Thankful For

While we should of course aim to be thankful throughout the year, the holidays are almost like an outlook meeting reminder in case we find ourselves slacking. This holiday season brings an unusually profound reminder as MAG celebrates 15 years in business. As I look back on these remarkable 15 years, here’s what I’m particularly thankful for.