We craft audience-driven experiences, tailored to your needs and maticulously managed from start to finish.


Experiential Marketing

Whether tucked within a storefront or built from the ground up, we understand the importance of building a foundation for short-term engagement with a long-term impact.  Some of our tactics include:

• Immersive Brand Activations
• Pop Up Shops
• Product & Service Launches
• PR Stunts
• Sampling Programs
• Mobile Tours
• Drive-To-Retail Tactics
• In-Store Programming
• Sponsorship Activations
• Social Sweepstakes
• Mailer Kits
• Influencer & Talent Integrations
• Premieres
• Upfronts/Newfronts
• Cocktail Parties, Dinners, and Galas

Digital Engagement

While the return to live events is in full effect, we believe the virtual experience remains an important piece of the marketing mix. No matter the format, a digital presence allows for broader reach, increased accessibility, and powerful content delivery. And we can help every step of the way.

• Virtual Event Production
• Platform Design
• Video Production
• Content Management
• Livestream Strategy & Execution
• Gamification
• 3D Design & Navigation
• Event Toolkits
• Social Sweepstakes
• Swag Shops
• Networking & Team Building
• Interactive Demos & Training
• Hybrid Program Extensions

Conferences & Trade Shows

Brands turn to us to create memorable moments for their stakeholders. Nothing builds esteem or confidence in an organization better than a well-executed event – so we help make business as usual just the opposite with immersive b2b events. Our capabilities include:

• Venue Management
• Attendee Communications
• Registration Site Design
• Audience Engagement & Experience Mapping
• Environmental Branding & Collateral
• Custom Fabrication
• Set Design
• 3D & Graphic Design
• Interactive Exhibits & Modular Displays
• Scripting & Content Management
• Video Production
• Speaker Procurement
• Sponsor Facilitation

Employee Engagement

Whether your employees are back in the office, completely remote, or a hybrid of the two, our CultivateEX team activates customized experiences so you can connect better with your workforce no matter where they are. Here’s how we do it:

• Culture Initiatives
• Employee Rallies
• Team Offsites
• Awards & Corporate Galas
• Virtual Recognition Programs
• EVP Promotion & Roll-Out
• Work-Life Balance Initiatives
• Brand & Product Training
• SKO’s & Train-the-Trainer Events
• New Hire Orientation & Onboarding
• Campus Roadshows
• Community Events & Partnerships
• Custom Installations

employee engagementLearn more about CultivateEX

Employee engagement is crucial to the success of any organization, which is why we create unique activations that spotlight your employees. Our employee engagement initiatives are designed to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of your team, while also fostering a positive and inclusive company culture. Whether it's a team-building event or a recognition program, we work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that drive employee engagement and satisfaction. Through our initiatives, we help you create a workplace where your employees feel valued, motivated, and inspired.



Offer a strategic and proactive planning process.​


Take your creative and thread it through every aspect.​


Create opportunities for sponsor, community, influencer, and media integration.​


Ensure all efforts result in maximum social shareability.​


Gather best practices in real-time so we can do it again and do it better.​
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