What better way to round up a year at the michael alan group than to ping the crew and find out their favorite moments. Without further ado, here are 2016's top moments, straight from the team.

"When our office finally agreed to push the Keurig aside to get the real deal. I think everyone agrees that having a coffee pot in the office really upped the ante. I've actually seen people standup & cheer when they hear someone just brewed - and yes, when I say people I'm talking about myself."
Lenetta Pesotini, Account Manager

"When we tried to get pancakes at IHOP on International Pancake Day but there was a really long line and so we went to a diner across the street and still got our delicious fluffy pancakes. New York City is incredible in that way, sometimes the destination you are heading is not always where you end up but usually it is just as good or better!"
Heather Hamilton, Account Executive

"In the Staffing World, once in a blue moon, there's a day when multiple activations fall on the same date. One of those this year was Thursday, June 16th. Besides activations in Atlanta, Chicago, DC, and LA, we also had three major ones in NYC which had a total staff of 130 working at simultaneously. So, the fact that it went pretty painless with the clients happy & the majority of the staff stepping up their game, it became one of my favorite MAG moments of the year."
Marivic Tagala, Staffing Manager

"Getting a peak behind-the-scenes of the Tim Burton MoMA exhibit when the MAG Art Department attended the 99U Conference in May."
David O'Neill, Art Director

Work Family

"My favorite MAG moment of 2016 began as a somber one... it was the morning after the election and a group of us were huddled in the conference room. On my way to work that morning, I felt very alone as I grappled with the unexpected outcome. But when my colleagues arrived, and we all assembled together - I was reminded that I am surrounded by a work family who shares in my fundamental beliefs and aspirations for our future. And for that, I felt truly blessed - and part of something very special."
Erin Mills, Chief Operating Officer

"I love cracking open a new book, and it became even more fun when I was surrounded by coworkers diving into the same story. MAG Book Club was the best! Something I'm hoping to read in the coming year? Weird Ideas That Work by Robert I. Sutton."
Melanie Slattery, Graphic Designer

"The Mountain Dew GUTS Aggro Crag! If you thought NYC had GUTS...This years Mountain Dew Aggro Crag Nickelodeon GUTS throwback challenge proved just that! An exact replica of the famous Aggro Crag mountain was erected in NYC and competitors of all walks of life came, conquered, and competed against one another over an epic match of king of the hill! My favorite moment of the event was seeing how all competitors celebrated atop the Crag, whether losing or winning, exemplifying great sportsmanlike NYC conduct! It was an unmatched competitive and celebratory moment in my 2016!"
Mark DiConzo, Project Manager

"When a bunny showed up at our food truck event!"
Molly Appel, Account Executive

Wedding Bells and Birthday Surprises

"When my fantastic co-workers threw me (and my co-brides in the office) a surprise bridal shower complete with a fathead of our my fiancee and a custom prize wheel. When we pitch that people really love prize wheels, we mean it. It's all about the prize wheel."
Elizabeth Jones, Senior Vice President

"Attending Eva's wedding and seeing her walk down the aisle! Just one of three beautiful MAG brides that tied the knot this year!"
Rachel Jenkins, Account Executive

"When the office surprised me with an Apple Watch for my birthday."
Jonathan Margolis, President and CEO

"Scheming up and sending out a fake brainstorm to surprise Jon with his gift."
Eva Chung, Operations Manager

A Merry Celebration

"Definitely the MAG holiday party because it's always fun to see your team in an environment outside of work. Secret Santa reveals were great because just when you were on to something and you thought you knew who, you're always wrong! Everyone's poems were ON POINT and of course the food and drinks were also bomb. :)"
Melissa Mach, Junior Account Executive

"Being a part-time MAGger, I really loved being with everyone at a holiday lunch because I don't get to hang with everyone as much as I would like!"
Betsy Margolis, Special Events Coordinator

"Secret Santa! Getting cute notes and presents left on my desk."
Devendra Singh, Graphic Designer

Last, But Never Least

"When Eva introduced us to Butterfinger cups. Life changing stuff."
Amy Spielholtz, Senior Account Director