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21 Event Tips for ’21

After 16 months of temperature checks, disposable face masks and social distancing floor stickers, our industry is finally healing. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, agency or in-house event producer, MAG has compiled 21 event tips for 2021 that are sure to inspire your experiential strategy.

Looking Ahead

We did it! We made it to 2021, we can’t say it didn’t come without roadblocks, detours, and a few flat tires. It was a journey of a year that stretched us but as we take a collective breath, we realize it didn’t break us. If anything, it made us even stronger as an industry.

8 Ways Brands Can Replicate In-Person Experiences In An Online-Only World

8 Ways Brands Can Replicate In-Person Experiences In An Online-Only World

Humans feel most comfortable when we’re connected, and the younger generation of consumers craves experiences above all else. Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers using live branded experiences, but many in-person events have been put on hold due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, with the right partner on your team, it’s possible to replicate in-person experiences in an online-only world.

The Virtual Experience

Our collective focus is business as usual. We’re simply working within a new climate in the short term and here is a toolkit to help us navigate it together.

Brand Ambassadors

A Blog About BA’s

At MAG we pride ourselves in offering in-house staffing services. We have a back-end database filled without thousands of actors and promotional models from around the country, and can easily identify and enlist these individuals sometimes at a moment’s notice (though we would kindly request a minimum of two weeks lead time, please and thank you).

Be a Dummy, Read This

A little over 10 years ago we had the opportunity to work with Wiley Publishing to author Guerilla Marketing For Dummies. I must admit writing a book was never on my “to do” list, simply finishing reading one was more my thing. However, the process was quite the experience and I couldn’t be happier to count it as one of my professional achievements.

Getting Schooled … in Experiential

As kids return to school this month it got me thinking. How do professionals (no matter the industry) educate themselves and stay ahead of the latest learnings and trends within their respective careers? So, whether you’re a prospective graduate or a seasoned executive, I’ve outlined my top six resources for “getting schooled.”

5 Experiential Marketing Trends To Watch in 2018

At EventTech 2017, we saw the nation’s leading experiential marketing specialists offer their insights into how the new year — 2018 — will change the industry. Naturally, our own Erin Mills was a featured speaker.

In her presentation, Erin demonstrated that experiential marketing firms are going to spend 2018 leveraging new and developing technologies to generate B-to-B conference and event content that’s more democratic and more responsive than it’s ever been before.

Here’s how…

A Friendsgiving Dinner Story

So every year around this time I get a friendly email from my digital designer reminding me that my Thanksgiving blog article is due in a week.

Her gentle nudge also pushes me to perhaps reflect deeper than I normally would on a Monday morning.

But I love it, I really do.

I love thinking about all the good in this world, and, more importantly, the good that’s around me.

End the Neglect! Marketing to Generation X

Ah, yes, Generation X.

Born between 1965 and 1984, this crew came of age through two great economic disasters, the housing crash, the death of job security, and the rise of divorce. They grew up during America’s longest war and, in their adulthood, have seen the emergence of an even longer one. Sandwiched between the black-and-white Baby Boomers and Millennials, Gen X is a wash of gray — neither hippies nor hipsters, neither tech natives nor old fogies. The Boomer worldview was defined by the end of WWII; the Millennial worldview by 9/11 and the digital revolution. But what defined Gen X?

Breaking Down the Buzzword: Storytelling

“Your campaign should tell a story.”

If you work at a marketing firm or had a marketing firm pitch you, you’ve probably heard this phrase before.

This is bad advice. It’s fundamentally incorrect. And it’s attitudes like this one that are responsible for bad pitches, activations, and campaigns.

Diving Into Data: Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

Back in March, we talked about the how and why of data capture for experiential marketing agencies. We explored the importance of things like generating leads and demonstrating ROI while we also discussed particular data collecting strategies that we’ve developed over time. Now we’re back, as promised, to share of a few of our favorite experiential marketing technologies that will help you capture data from pre-game to post so that you can deliver better experiences to consumers and better results to clients.

Building a Brainstorm Part Two: Setting Up the Storm

Hello, and welcome back to our three-part series on building a brainstorm. Our mission: to explore time-tested strategies for generating top-shelf experiential marketing ideas. Last time, we kicked off the trilogy with an in-depth look at how experiential agencies can elevate their RFP research process. Now we’ll be investigating the best ways to prepare a brainstorm, get the team warmed up, and deliver the briefing.

Experiential Fun With Food

There’s a lie that people have been telling for a long time. A devastating, pernicious lie. A lie that betrays youth and deeply detracts from the happiness of adults.

That it’s wrong to play with your food.

After much internal debating, we at MAG have decided to come clean, and tell the world the truth about playing with your food. That it’s fun. That it’s delicious. And that people will love you for letting them do it.

Building a Brainstorm Part One: Researching an RFP

Welcome to our three part series on pitch ideation. During this trilogy, we’ll walk through the ways in which experiential marketers can work as a team to cook up inventive solutions to client challenges. Later on, we’ll explore techniques for brainstorming, but before we get to that, we’ll begin with the prep. Here are our top 10 steps for researching an incoming RFP.

Diving Into Data: Making Experiential Marketing Count

As important as it is to knock the socks off consumers, it’s all the more important to knock the socks off your clients. And the quickest way to your client’s socks is often with the delivery of data. Today we’re going to explore the five reasons why your experiential marketing event needs data collection and the five best ways to pull it off.

Event Marketing Upgrades: Swag Edition

Welcome to installment number two in our series exploring event marketing upgrades, where we focus on small changes that make big gains. In this edition, we’re diving into the world of promotional products and highlighting the go-to swag consumers love.

An Experiential Ode to Valentine’s Day

Some love to hate it and some hate to love it, but Valentine’s Day is nevertheless upon us again. While many couples are off to smooch over a fancy meal (as some singles are eyeing the next day’s discounted chocolate), we’re here to celebrate the center of it all: L-O-V-E, love.

Live Streaming 101: Sharing Events With Social Media

It sounds oxymoronic to describe live events as being accessible anywhere at anytime by anyone, but, with live streaming, they really are.

Products like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Periscope make it possible to grow event audiences exponentially via web promotion. By streaming video live, they empower us to maintain of-the-moment urgency, and, by incorporating feedback features, they enable us to interact with absent audiences as immediately as we interact with in-person attendees.

Kid Approved, Family-Friendly Marketing

There are two new people in the world! We are thrilled to congratulate our very own Erin Mills on the birth of her twins. Oakley and Sawyer came into the world on Thursday, January 26. To celebrate their cuteness (pictured below), we figured we’d take a moment to look at our favorite campaigns — MAG-produced and otherwise […]

Location Scout: New York City

Empirically proven: the Empire State’s 10 best spots to activate.

We love New York and we’re proud of it — clichés be damned! It’s the city that has everything — a concrete jungle where anything (and just about everything) goes. Here, work, play, and people come together from every demographic. The city’s variety, diversity, and unparalleled cultural cache converge to make it one of the world’s best locations for brand promotion.

360° Video vs. Augmented vs. Virtual vs. Mixed Reality

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies are quickly gaining technical and popular momentum, as is 360° Video. And while the law of accelerating returns would suggest that ubiquity can’t be far off, these technologies still have the novelty to attract and wow consumers.

So if a brand wants to draw focus, align itself with innovation, and give consumers first-hand experiences that literally defy reality, they need to begin by picking the right alternate reality to work with.

A Comprehensive Gift Guide for Event Producers and Designers

The holidays have arrived! We’re ecstatic about the music, the lights and, most certainly, the food, but shopping for presents can sometimes be a bit of a stress. While we can’t exactly compile gift ideas for your friends and family, we’re quite the experts on what to gift event professionals! We’re positive you’ll find something perfect in this guide for any event prof in your life.

15 Years of MAG and 15 Things to Be Thankful For

While we should of course aim to be thankful throughout the year, the holidays are almost like an outlook meeting reminder in case we find ourselves slacking. This holiday season brings an unusually profound reminder as MAG celebrates 15 years in business. As I look back on these remarkable 15 years, here’s what I’m particularly thankful for.

Location Scout: Los Angeles

The 411 on our favorite places to activate in the 310 & 818. While we are toughing out winter over here in NYC, our hearts & minds are in the warmth of the (310). Los Angeles. Sighhhhh. As an experiential marketing mecca for many lifestyle & entertainment brands, LA is our home away from home. […]

How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Female Boss

I have an admission to make. I was once an anti female-bossian. For those already confused, this is a (potentially grammatically incorrect) term I’ve coined for people who are opposed to female bosses. Based on a paltry two experiences at former companies, I had decided that female bosses are mercurial, illogical and (in some instances) […]

Tech It Out: Our Experience at EventTech ’15

When people think of event design, technology is not typically one of the first words that come to mind. Rather, the focus is placed on the physical design of the space (my personal favorite part of the process!), ensuring the event runs smoothly and creating a positive attendee experience. While these aspects are critical considerations, […]

Mega fans of Nickelodeon's Degrassi shouting in excitement for the exclusive season premiere showing.

Marketing To With Millennials: Why Experiential Marketing is Extremely Effective With This Audience

The M word. In today’s marketing landscape, everyone is trying to crack the code to reach the coveted millennial audience, a group that comprises ¼ of our entire US population. Millennials continue to mystify brand marketers and agencies alike as they defy conventional consumer behaviors of preceding generations. Their media consumption habits (aka cord cutting!) […]

4 Key Qualities of the Best Brand Ambassadors

At MAG, our Account Execs plan extraordinary activations; often juggling multiple campaigns at a time. Our design team doodles endlessly, bringing ideas to life daily. And Dug, the office dog, may soon master “Rollover.” But none of this work would be worth a dime without our remarkable crew of Brand Ambassadors. From facing early mornings […]

Agency employees enjoy milk and cookie shots while selecting various cookies for their cookie bag at the Twentieth Television Milk & Cookie Bar.

E2B: The Increasing Prevalence of Experiential Tactics in B2B Marketing

What you may be surprised to learn is just how many companies are turning to experiential for their B2B marketing objectives. Companies are really valuing its role in introducing, strengthening or repositioning a brand among their clients (retailers, media buyers, distributors, etc) not just their consumer base. In looking at the evolution of experiential marketing, […]

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