The Virtual Experience

Our collective focus is business as usual. We’re simply working within a new climate in the short term and here is a toolkit to help us navigate it together. 

Tiered Commitment Planning Cycles 

To ensure we are providing fair practices and offerings to our clients and partners, MAG is currently offering various levels of planning commitments. This might include pre-planning fees separate from production expenses, categorical deposits, and staggered approvals on certain deliverables that allow your team to track each program’s status every step of the way.  

Scalable Contingency Plans 

Part of being an event producer is having a Plan B, C, and D. We understand that many people would prefer not to think about the worst-case scenario, it’s our job to do so. And in this ever-changing world, our contingency plans must also evolve. As your partner, we will institute scalable options requiring different time commitments and levels of investment to help clients project accurately and confidently from the start of the planning process.

New Hygiene Protocols 

Our teams are well versed in recommended hygiene practices by local governments and the CDC/WHO. From Social Distancing to eliminating all physical touch points. While most virtual events will require very minimal in-person attendance MAG is currently sourcing disposable gloves, antibacterial lotion, and ensuring there are numerous ways for handwashing. 

Our Account team and Staffing Manager also reach out to all attendees 72 and 24 hours before each engagement to confirm everyone attending is healthy.  

Pre-Event Virtual Engagement  

We are fully committed to the old saying “practice makes perfect” and evangelize that quote in everything we do. Leading up to our program MAG will host several rehearsals with our technical producers and account team to solidify our run of show and technical roadblocks that may arise.  

Pre-event interaction will be a vital part of each campaign’s success which can be achieves through numerous strategies including the integration of a custom programming microsite, populating user-generated content, requesting attendees evangelize core messaging and more.   

Web and Live Hosting 

Based on relevant campaign objectives MAG will create a custom content strategy to amplify your messaging and create meaningful interaction among your core demographicsFrom ideating around rehearsal schedules, crew needs (camera operators, audio techs, and producers), equipment needs (lighting, switcher kits, scenic, and more), and other relevant services (geographic integrations, streaming/encoding, closed captioning, and translation services) MAG has you covered.  

To elevate the entire experience, we will tap into our internal creative department who has capabilities to theme your event and create all accompanying assets inclusive of show graphics, lower thirds, custom branded overlays and more.  

We also have the ability to cast an emcee, celebrity or live host to seamlessly narrate the experience and serve as your virtual guide to the event, whether live or pre-recorded. 

Lastly, it’s important to note we are platform agnostic – well versed in numerous options but only married to the one that’s right for your campaign. 

Content Creation 

Our team has always provided strategic road mapping for event content development as well as tactical execution of those events. This includes holistic theming and storyboarding, scripting, video production, speaker training/coaching, graphics and PPT presentations as well as digital/social assets. Given the current climate we now find ourselves in, we understand the importance of also creating compelling content that can live on its own. Since the richest content often stems from live experiences, we know what’s needed to standout and we’ll help you get there. 

Livestreaming and VOD 

Whether it’s for the purpose of limiting attendee travel or to simply extend the life of a campaign, livestreaming is a tool that broadens your audience and multiples your impact. Brands can “go virtual” in more ways than one. At MAG we can work with you to create, edit and upload video archives for VOD or film and stream in front of a live studio audienceWe don’t want good content to go to waste. 

Home Viewing Kits 

Moving to a virtual event doesn’t have to result in a siloed viewing experience. We can create a home viewing kits equipped with event swag, attendee “go-dos” and printed collateral. Then, leveraging a combination of digital enhancements – such as augmented reality, mobile photo ops, and filters – we will ensure viewers stay connected and eager to share their experience beyond the confines of their home. 

Custom Virtual Event Environments 

We don’t change the date, theme, objectives or agenda. We simply take it online. Here we would use a purpose-built webpage as your event hub. Encourage attendees to explore changing content over a set period of time as content is cascaded out. Send notifications when exciting things are happening so that no one misses out. All event components can live within a fully branded lander page with real-time FAQs, live polling, photo galleries, downloadable takeaways and additional brand content. 


The “hook” behind gamification is offering your audience positive rewards that they then will associate with your brand or organization and motivate them to keep engaging. Online or in app, setting specific challenges at the end of each VOD or creating a gaming corner will keep team members, consumers, and partners interacting with your brand and with one another. Have a sponsor that needs some love and won’t have their logo on a lanyard anymore? Have them sponsor the gaming corner of your virtual event and offer prizes to participants. 

App Development 

Similar to gamification, apps provide the interaction you need or might be missing from a live event. Mobile apps provide that extra layer of education and interaction and serves as a hub for your virtual attendees. From gamification, social media integration, virtual sampling MAG has a plethora of highly interactive concepts that will engage your audience along every step of the way.  

Pre and Post Audience Engagement 

As we stand on the brink of virtual, hybrid and live events – let’s not pause the conversation. Let’s start it. Experiences – whether online or on the ground – need to remain memorable and it’s our role to ensure everyone has the information, inspiration and conversation they need to make that happen. We invite you to look at this as an opportunity to finetune pre and post audience engagement – putting more emphasis on every part of the engagement process. Engage on social media, host a post-event Q&A, and be proactive with your message every step of the way.