Case Study Spotlight: Rachael Ray Every Day

We celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine by activating a Food Truck & producing a VIP Party.

  • Partnered with an existing NYC Food Truck, Frites & Meats, to rewrap their food truck for the 10th Anniversary
  • Distributed over (750) Breakfast Burgers & Cheeseburgers, (4000) branded sunglasses, and (4000) branded tattoos throughout the day to consumers to highlight Rachael Ray’s reputation as the Queen of the Burger
  • Served as venue liaison with Toro NYC for the VIP Party later that night for celebrities, media & press
  • Managed all logistics as they relate to venue, décor, run of show, staffing, and AV

Check out the coverage on Event Marketer.

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Meet the Team: VP Elizabeth Walker

Every month, we focus on one member of the MAG team, ask them the hard-hitting questions, take their picture and doodle all over it. Today, meet MAG Superstar VP, Elizabeth Walker.

The Michael Alan Group's Vice President, Elizabeth Walker, shares fun and interesting facts about herself and her career.

4 Key Qualities of the Best Brand Ambassadors

At MAG, our Account Execs plan extraordinary activations; often juggling multiple campaigns at a time. Our design team doodles endlessly, bringing ideas to life daily. And Dug, the office dog, may soon master “Rollover.”

But none of this work would be worth a dime without our remarkable crew of Brand Ambassadors. From facing early mornings to braving wild costumes, our BA’s dive directly into project execution, delivering fine-tuned messaging and experiences directly to consumers.

Over the years we’ve worked with some of the best around, and we’ve learned just what elements make our Brand Ambassadors top-notch. Here are the qualities we expect in each of our BA’s:

Dependability and Independence

First and foremost, any Brand Ambassador MUST be punctual and prepared for the role they will play. Even the most organized activations can quickly turn chaotic, and we expect all of our BA’s to execute their duties independently should a manager need to temporarily leave. These qualities also go hand-in-hand with professionalism, and we ensure all of our BA’s act responsibly and courteously at all times.

Enthusiasm and Energy

Nobody wants to sample a s’more from Negative Nancy or pose at a party with Gloomy Gary. A major part of being a Brand Ambassador requires being friendly, approachable, and ready to eagerly introduce consumers to a brand. We certainly don’t expect (or advise) anyone to channel their high school cheerleading days, but an outstanding BA consistently maintains an air of positivity and liveliness. It’s your time to shine, Happy Harry.

Brand Ambassadors dressed as modern "milk men" while serving milk and cookie shots and assisting employees with filling their cookie bags.
Just some of the wild costumes MAG’s Brand Ambassadors may wear. Here, our “milk men and women” serve delicious treats at the Twentieth Television Milk and Cookie Bar.


Adaptability and Resilience

If there’s one thing everyone in events can agree upon, it’s that ANYTHING can happen. While a manager or account exec will handle any major complications, there are several obstacles that can arise that Brand Ambassadors must calmly and effectively address. Between wild weather changes, spikes in foot traffic, or a flux in supplies, a day as a BA can often be grueling, and the best of the best can handle it all.

Charm and Spunk

All other characteristics aside, the secret ingredient to a fantastic Brand Ambassador is simple: personality. We never hire brand-babbling robots (and not strictly because of their incessant malfunctions). Consumers want genuine conversations relevant to a brand, and our BA’s are unique individuals from a variety of backgrounds. That’s why, at MAG, we handle staffing in-house via a dedicated Staffing Department, and, because we know our BA’s well, we can promise to provide the most charming, spunky, and best fitting Brand Ambassador for any target audience.

Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador? Sure, we’ve boasted about our fantastic crew, but we’re always welcoming new faces and we’d love to chat! Email our Staffing Coordinator, Marivic, here. (Tip: She’s a BIG Broadway theatre fan, so don’t hesitate to mention your favorite show!)

The michael alan group is a full-service experiential marketing agency & event production company. Check out our work and our team, and drop us a line to chat about selecting the perfect staff for your next activation.

E2B: The Increasing Prevalence of Experiential Tactics in B2B Marketing

In looking at the evolution of experiential marketing, technology & entertainment brands were pioneers in the space. They represented the early adopters.  CPG also hopped on the bandwagon very early, recognizing there is no parallel for the ability to put your product directly in someone else’s hands.  Today, all brand categories recognize the opportunity to reach their consumers via experiences.

But what you may be surprised to learn is just how many companies are turning to experiential for their B2B marketing objectives. Companies are really valuing its role in introducing, strengthening or repositioning a brand among their clients (retailers, media buyers, distributors, etc) not just their consumer base.

Here’s where we’ve seen experiential marketing exploding:

Agency Activations

Want to get face time with ad agency executives to promote your media opportunities? So does everyone else. Many of our TV network clients turn to us to design experiences that cut through the clutter, especially during Upfront season. What’s more, we often bring these experiences right to the agencies themselves, affording ultimate convenience to the agency execs and thereby receiving a consistently high turnout.

A team of Brand Ambassadors poses during an Agency Activation for ION Television.
We brought ION Television’s trade tagline (ION Delivers) to life in a very real way, when we created a mobile shipping center that we permitted right outside of media offices. We emailed shipping notifications to desired executives and hand delivered packages to our target audience.



Did we catch your eyelids getting heavy just now? It’s true. Training events have a bad reputation. People generally envision undergoing hours and hours of presentations in a windowless, fluorescent-lit meeting room. A lot of our clients are combatting that by creating immersive learning experiences that involve non-traditional venues, unexpected content & speakers and far more time doing, than listening.

Erin Mills participates in a panel at a train-the-trainer event for Microsoft.
I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel during a train-the-trainer event for Microsoft, which explored how a ballet instructor, personal trainer, management coach and experiential marketer (A.K.A me) approached training.


Trade Shows

More and more brands are realizing that their presence at a trade show does not need to be limited to a booth on the show floor or conventional sponsorship opportunities. Of course, the birthplace of this notion was Comic-Con but it’s now spread to even the most conservative of trade events. You can work with host hotels to sponsor amenities for out of town guests, partner with a ride-share app to provide free rides to and from the convention center or bring a food truck onsite and surprise conference goers with breakfast and coffee. The opportunities are endless.


The Poken Media Wall brought NEXUS '15 attendees event content in an instant and provided an innovative and unique way for everyone to network.

Brands are finding ways to make their own conference content far more engaging. A few years back, we helped bring a flash mob to the annual AARP convention. No one saw that coming! And thanks to all of the incredible technologies emerging in the event space, brands have countless opportunities to digitally and socially engage their audiences. Event apps, Instagram vending machines, touch screen EVERYTHING! We’ve even come across a virtual trade show environment, where you can attend as an avatar and never leave your desk!

Just last month, we worked with TraceLink to produce NEXUS ’15, a thought leadership conference for the Life Sciences industry. Utilizing Poken’s Near Field Communication technology, attendees received custom USB devices that enabled them to collect contact information, white papers and conference content in an instant, simply by touching devices to one another or to touch points onsite.

The best part about “E2B”? A savvy program can include a consumer element and a B2B element all at the same time. For example, a food truck can visit ad agencies one day and a street fair the next day. This creates a more affordable solution for brands since their respective teams are splitting the production costs, yet reaching two audiences. We believe this type of cross-departmental planning will only increase in years to come. It aligns messaging, shares resources, improves ROI and at the end of the day… isn’t most B2B marketing ultimately B2B2C?

To learn more about “E2B” by way of M2A2G, give us a shout!

The michael alan group is a full-service experiential marketing agency & event production company. Check out our work and our team, and drop us a line to chat about injecting experiential into your B2B strategy.

Case Study Spotlight: TraceLink NEXUS ’15

We managed and produced NEXUS ‘15, a 2-day conference that delivered content, engagement, and networking within the life sciences industry.

  • Secured and a sourced a Washington D.C. venue, The Dupont Circle Hotel, to host the seminar
  • Created and designed all conference elements as it relates to the event website lander and all onsite signage throughout the event
  • Incorporated new technologies to connect attendees such as Poken and Bing Pulse
  • Produced a dinner event for the conference attendees at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • Managed all venue logistics as they relate to venue, décor, run of show and AV for both parts of the event

Check out the recap video from TraceLink.

The michael alan group is a full-service experiential marketing agency & event production company. Check out our work and our team, and drop us a line to see more case studies and discover our full scope of capabilities.